Denton, Texas Leads In Clean Energy

Denton, Texas, home to the University of North Texas, just outside of Dallas, is a home of clean energy along with all of its other charms. This suburb of Dallas is noted for being so far ahead on clean energy that it puts the rest of the state to shame.

In Denton, there is more wind power per capita than in any other city in the country. This is due in large part to Denton Municipal Electric being community-owned and on the cutting edge of renewable energy in a state where power grid problems are the norm.

The customers that own the company wanted to have more green energy, and a massive investment in wind power began for the company. The wind power in the area covers about 40% of the power needs for the city, and this is an amazing number considering the low figures in other parts of the country.

Denton is a model of green energy that was initiated by the customer and not the bosses. It’s a lesson for all of America.

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